Mrs Manafx

Mrs Manafx


Cryto for beginners - from woman to woman

Do you want to know more about Crypto/Bitcoin?
You have nobody you can ask?
Why you don't take a class with me?
It's a 1:1 class only - we talk about money: of course nobody else will join and listen to us.
We will be having a coffee together while learning. If you prefer to do the class online: make sure we are undisturbed for the whole time.
I show you how to change your financial future.
The needed time will depend on your pre-knowledge.
Give me a call or drop me a line to find out how to start.

Start now

If you want to start today, just contact me – all my courses can take place in person or online.
Just click on the Contact  for more information or call me directly
 at: 77220059

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