Bye Windows – Hello Linux (but which one)?

Window 11 won’t install on your laptop? Microsoft tells you it’s too old?
Switching to Linux will let your laptop work for many more years with the latest operating system and in full security.
You can choose from different versions – sometimes the choice is not easy.
In this course, you will install your new operating system yourself, so you won’t have to worry about updates in the future.
It’s free and as easy to use as your smartphone. Updates are made when YOU want them – old devices (such as scanners or printers) work perfectly again.

This course takes about 3 hours, depending on the hardware configuration of your laptop.
Two important notes:
Please back up all your data (documents, pictures, videos) in advance!
Windows programmes do NOT run on Linux!

Let’s briefly clarify, based on your hardware requirements, which Linux is the best performer for your laptop: +356 77220202

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