all2get (ATG) partner

all2get (ATG) partner
I value my students very much. I am pleased when they become more financially independent through my knowledge transfer, do not need anyone as an intermediary, or can choose an alternative to Microsoft or Apple.

When I heard about the ATG project, it was clear to me: I want to participate.

I will gladly give my participants a discount in the form of all2get (ATG). After my course, every participant will be able to evaluate this project. Why the targeted short term goal of 1$ at the end of 2023 is quite realistic, what the benefits are and also a short term swap option on SunSwap gives a basic flexibility.

Especially for me in the crypto scene, it is THE optimal customer loyalty program.

At the end of my basic course, I send the ATG directly to the customer's wallet. That way, we both - my participant and I - end the course with a smile. I'm sure I can't get a better advertisement.
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