How does 0.2% sounds?

Almost in every wallet you can exchange the different cryptocurrencies against each other. This is often associated with not insignificant fees. Even if most are satisfied with 2 - 4%, 6% and more can also be found.

Remedy is provided here by Exchangers, e.g. Binance, for professional trading, which start at 0.1%.

However, since Binance is not recommended for beginners because of the lack of simplicity. I would like to point out a very simple and inexpensive option: the SWFT Wallet.

After registration - please scan or click the QR code - you can download the app and follow the setup instructions.

Swapping between currencies is easy (use the swap function here) but most of all inexpensive: you only pay 0.2% fees.

This difference between the other providers and SWFT, is enormous. The selected coin or token only needs to increase by 0.3% to be in profit. With other providers, you first have to exceed their fee in order to make a profit.

It is also possible to receive SWFT coins through referrals, which can be exchanged for all other available currencies - currently over 300.

Also my link is such a referral link and I get these as a "thank you" from SWFT.

If you want to make profits with Crypto, the same applies as everywhere: In the purchase lies the profit.

If you have any problems with the installation or setup, feel free to contact me via email.

as always:

before you invest in crypto – invest in yourself