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Do you speak Bitcoin Slang?

My friend John used to be a bagholder, but he FOMO’d and bought even more BTC. Now, he’s a big whale HODLing for that moon.

that’s a lot to take in for just two sentences. If you’re new to Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies, we understand if the statement didn’t make any sense to you—it didn’t make sense to us at first too. 

All jokes aside, it’s one thing to start buying and selling Bitcoin, but another to engage with an entire community that’s built an entire dictionary-worth of slang. If you’re looking to get yourself into the conversation and begin speaking the language, there’s quite a bit to cover. Luckily, we’ve compiled a quiz of some of the most popular slang being used today.

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What does Shilling says to you?

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You heard about FOMO before?

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FUD stands for:

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What the heck is HODL?

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What is the meaning of rekt?

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