Bitcoin: Where will cryptocurrency be in 5 years?

Many prominent investors see an unstoppable rise in cryptocurrencies in the future. Bitcoin peaked at $68,789 on November 10 last year, but many investors were already looking to “sell” it again.

Mark Yusko, hedge fund manager and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, believes Bitcoin will surge to $250,000 in the next five years. Yusko calls the currency “digital gold” and believes that bitcoin will sooner or later replace real gold.

The CEO of Blockstream and cryptocurrency pioneer Adam Back sees a top of $300,000 over the next five years. In the halls of JPMorgen classic gold is still viewed as strongly competitive in terms of inflation protection, with a slightly lower price of US$146,000 expected over the next few years.

One of the highest predictions comes from Arc Invest CEO Cathie Wood. The American star investor believes institutional investors will push Bitcoin to her $560,000 by 2026. Wood also believes that Bitcoin does not really compete with other cryptocurrencies or stocks.

Looking ahead, economists say yields should continue to rise while investor risk continues to decline. Bitcoin is about to enter its golden age, if we believe the analysis of many investors.